Orange Revolution

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    “Steve York pays testament to the true power of democracy with this informative investigation.  All Movie Guide

    “ [A] lively account of the mass demonstrations that gripped Ukraine in 2004.  York … nicely captures the excitement and volatility of the events on the ground, and his access to the uprising's key players makes for a timely and fascinating look at grassroots democracy in action.”  Chicago Reader

    “ The broad scope of the film and the brilliant way it is shot and put together makes of it almost a thriller where truth is stranger-- and more exciting -- than fiction. … Besides being an exciting historical documentation of a very recent series of events "Orange Revolution" will resonate strongly with the American electorate  which sat in front of their TV sets helplessly as Mr. Bush stole the American presidential election in 2000!”

    “This excellent documentary chronicles the events before and after the disputed election with interviews with all the key players and superb footage of the protestors, braving Kiev’s cold weather to claim their democratic rights. …Plaudits are due both to the work of Steve York and the bravery of the Ukrainian people.”

     “It feels like a repeat of the sordid U.S. election scandals, where voters were barred from doing their democratic duty and blame was placed on ballots and the process. But during the 2004 elections in the Ukraine -- where citizens had endured a visibly corrupt governing under President Kuchma and his endorsed, equally criminal successor, they refused to accept the lies. … a fascinating look at how true leveling power comes with unifying under an umbrella of a belief.”   Seattle Post-Intelligencer